Lightovation 2022: Dallas Market Through New Eyes

Each January and June, thousands of lighting buyers travel to “Dallas Markets” to stock their showrooms with the latest styles from hundreds of vendors. While there, they discover the latest innovations and “experience the more comprehensive collection of fixed, portable, and trend lighting for residential and commercial products.”

In early January 2022, long-time Mahlander’s Sales Manager Rosie accompanied two new lighting consultants, Kristen and Alisha, on their first-ever trip to Lightovation at Dallas Market Center.

There, they discovered the latest trends, technological advancements, and products in every imaginable lighting category including outdoor, ceiling fans, lighting controls, and smart lighting systems. And then, they bring what they see and learn back to their showrooms, so customers have access to the latest in lighting design. Buying trips are paramount to offering clients the products they need to take their projects from basic to extraordinary.


Exceeding Expectations

Dallas Market Center is known as the “International Home of Lighting” and according to Kristen and Alisha, it’s quite an impressive place.

“I could not believe how large the buildings were and how many vendors were there. The trade center had seventeen floors of accessories and retailers. Everything was beautifully displayed and eye-catching,” Kristen says.

Alisha echoed that sentiment.

“I was surprised at how large it was. I was told before we went that it was huge, but I didn’t realize just how huge!” she says.

Sales Manager Rosie – who has been to more than a few Lightovation shows over the years – once again enjoyed going to market.

“Oh man, it was wonderful!” she says, plus she enjoyed viewing the show with the new consultants who were seeing it with new eyes and a definite sense of awe.

Style watch

Modern_LED_LightingAfter a bit of a hiccup with air travel, the trio arrived at the January show with a mission in mind: Find a fantastic selection of new lighting and décor items for the store. Seeing everything in one place makes it easier to make choices that reflect not only the latest trends but a variety of styles – there is truly something for every aesthetic. Emerging trends are also evident.

Market also gives lighting consultants a chance to visit with vendors with whom they work but only carry a limited selection of their products in the store. Seeing and becoming familiar with more of those vendors’ offerings enables consultants to make product suggestions to clients even if the pieces are not in the showroom.

Kristen’s favorite displays were those featuring more modern style – which was a dominant theme across the vast showrooms – as well as those incorporating innovative ideas.

“They had modern and contemporary fixtures that fit my style. Modern Forms even had a fixture that could transform from a small chandelier to a large chandelier. Kuzco has a new line coming out that is very retro and mid-century modern inspired,” she says, adding they’ve ordered numerous items from this line for the showroom. 

Rosie also noted a distinct lean toward a modern aesthetic: “Everything’s more modern, clean lines.”

Varied Opportunities

Besides seeing the vendors’ wares and selecting new merchandise for the sales floor, Dallasmodern_chandelier_lightovation_2022 Market attendees had several opportunities for continuing education. Kristen enjoyed those very much.

“The teacher was very knowledgeable and helped us understand real-life scenarios for lighting issues. I definitely learned a few things!” she says.

There were also social and networking events, including an anniversary party as Hinkley Lighting celebrated 100 years in the industry. With a live cover band, dancing and wonderful food and drinks, Kristen rated the soiree, “Overall, a great time.”

Bringing it home

So, what can you expect to see in Mahlander’s Sioux Falls showroom? All kinds of wonderful new decor and lighting!“We purchased many new fixtures and accessories! We ordered a gorgeous cut crystal chandelier from Hinkley that has unique faceting, so the light reflects off it in a different way,” Kristen says.  

Trends you will see in the new designs include modern looks, white glass, unique shapes, fun and funky-shaped LED fixtures, bath lights with new and interesting designs, and some industrial-inspired pieces. There will also be new mirrors, lamps, décor, and unique pieces featuring alabaster.

“We bought a blend of many different styles from traditional, transitional, contemporary, mid-century, minimalist, industrial, and of course some beautiful crystal pieces for that extra sparkle,” Kristen says.

New pieces selected at Market will arrive in the showroom this spring. Watch for updates and come, see what’s inside!



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