Designer Spotlight: Stephanie Vostad with Kelly Construction

At Mahlander’s, we’re fortunate to work with many talented designers. While we get to see them regularly, most of our clients don’t … so it’s time to shine a little light on the interior design professionals we are grateful to count among our friends and customers.

Designers help bring clients’ visions to life in their new spaces, while keeping budget, aesthetics and function in mind. It’s no small task! Stephanie Vostad from Kelly Construction makes it seem effortless. And it is an absolute joy to have her visit our showroom! 

Meet Stephanie
Stephanie Vostad is the manager of Design & Client Experience for Kelly Construction. She works hands-on with homeowners to ensure their new homes meet their functional needs while being an aesthetically-pleasing space to call home. She is thrilled to be part of the Kelly Construction team and strives toward timeless designs with just a bit of an edge.

Vostad is originally from Faribault, Minnesota and attended Minnesota State University, Mankato where she majored in Interior Design. Not long after completing her degree (with a minor in Marketing), she became an accredited stager with the Haverhill Institute of Design and Staging. Since then, she’s accumulated 17 years of design and home staging experience. For much of that time, Vostad operated her own staging company in Sioux Falls – a perfect way to hone her skills, develop her keen eye for detail and pursue her passion for design.


Why Design?
“I have always loved design,” Vostad says. “From a young age I would find myself sitting in public places thinking about how I would rearrange the space or what changes I would make if I was their designer.”

It’s a treat to watch her work when visiting Mahlander’s showroom; her excitement is contagious and the joy she gets from her job is almost palpable. But she almost didn’t become a designer!

“I almost changed my major in college because I thought maybe there were some better options as far as pay or more demand,” she explains. “I ultimately decided to follow my heart. I know that seems kind of cheesy, but I am so glad I did; I can’t imagine doing anything else!

The Process
When approaching a project, Vostad has a definite method – and it seems to always work out beautifully!

“Once I am given the plans and the budgets we get started with an overall look or feel for the home. I typically start with the big items first. I like to compare it to getting dressed, everyone can relate to that! When you pick out an outfit you start with the basics then add on the details or accessories.”

She makes her choices in this order: cabinets, flooring, tile and countertops, lighting, plumbing, paint – and then any accents we want to add in! 

Vostad says she loves so many aspects of her work, it’s hard to choose a favorite part of the process. “My favorites are coming up with new fresh designs and seeing them come together after months of planning and everyone’s efforts!” she says.

(We’re sure Kelly Construction’s many satisfied homeowners agree!)

When Vostad isn’t working, her days are full of hobbies (hiking, boating, camping) and spending time outdoors and with her husband and two children.

You can find Stephanie on Instagram @kellyconstruction or Facebook @KellyHomeBuilders. To see more of Stephanie’s work, visit their website at www.kellyconstruction.com.

Do you know or are you a designer who works with us? We’d love to tell your story in our blog! Just drop an email to christine@mahlanders.com and we’ll be in touch!

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