Five Reasons to Visit Your Local Lighting Showroom

Shopping for lighting today can be great fun – or it can be a complete headache. We’d much rather you enjoy the process. Getting ideas from magazines, social media, home tours and even online shopping are all helpful. But there are advantages to shopping at your local lighting showroom.

Among the benefits are seeing the fixtures you’re considering in person, expert advice, personalized planning, and service after the sale. We encourage you to visit your local showroom for an enhanced, complete, and full-service experience. Let’s delve into reasons why:

See for Yourself

When it comes to purchasing light fixtures, there is undeniable value in seeing them in person before making a final decision. Online shopping may offer convenience, but it often falls short in capturing the true flavor of a lighting fixture.  The size, scale and finish of the fixture might not be adequately illustrated on your screen. And it’s awful to make an online purchase and be disappointed upon its arrival.

In a local lighting showroom, you can experience the fixtures in all their glory, observing how they light the space, cast shadows, and interact with the environment … things that can’t be fully appreciated through digital images alone.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends & Technology

Lighting showrooms are at the forefront of the industry’s ever-evolving trends, making it their mission to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and designs. These showrooms employ dedicated teams of professionals who are passionate about lighting and design, constantly researching and attending industry events to stay informed about emerging trends.

Mahlander’s staff attends “market” (like Lightovation, an international lighting expo in Dallas) at least twice a year, where they collaborate with renowned lighting manufacturers and designers, ensuring that their showrooms are stocked with the most cutting-edge and sought-after fixtures. From modern and minimalist to vintage and eclectic, these vendors help lighting showrooms curate an extensive collection that caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, savvy and educated lighting pros are quick to adopt new technologies, such as smart lighting systems and energy-efficient LEDs, recognizing the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable options in today’s market.

By continually refreshing their inventory and embracing new ideas, lighting showrooms provide a dynamic and inspiring environment for customers to explore the limitless possibilities that lighting can bring to their living spaces.


Interior Designer Services

Personalized, Expert Lighting Solutions

The personalized, expert attention that you receive at a local lighting showroom is an invaluable aspect of the shopping experience. Unlike online platforms or big-box retailers, these showrooms prioritize building genuine relationships with their customers.

Mahlander’s Lighting Consultants have more than a century of combined experience, and that is of huge benefit to their clients. They are able to zero in on customers’ functional lighting needs quickly with a few pointed questions and years of know-how. 

Staff members take the time to understand the specific needs, preferences, and vision of each individual. They offer one-on-one consultations, guiding clients through the vast array of lighting options available, ensuring that they find the perfect fixtures to match their style and requirements.

Whether it’s selecting the right pendant light for a kitchen or finding an exquisite chandelier to grace a grand dining room, the expertise of showroom professionals elevates the entire process. They possess a deep understanding of lighting design principles, color temperature, and the interplay between light and space, enabling them to offer insightful recommendations that accentuate the beauty and functionality of any room in your home.

With their help, you can make well-informed decisions, resulting in a lighting arrangement that not only illuminates your space but also enriches your daily living experience


Overcome Your Overwhelm

Building or remodeling a house can be an overwhelming endeavor, with endless decisions to make and countless details to consider. We get it! It can be overwhelming when you’re managing budgets, coordinating contractors, and choosing materials. Lighting often takes a backseat, despite its significant impact on the overall ambiance, appearance, and functionality of a space. And that’s not good!

This is where a lighting showroom becomes an invaluable source of assistance and guidance. By visiting a local lighting showroom, you can entrust your lighting needs to experts who understand the complexities of lighting design. By relying on the expertise and support of a lighting showroom, you can confidently tend to other details, knowing you have a reliable partner to help make your lighting selections.

Enjoy the Perks of Shopping Local

Shopping at a local lighting showroom holds immense significance beyond just finding the perfect fixtures for your space. By patronizing these establishments, you actively contribute to supporting the local community. Unlike online retailers or big-box stores, local showrooms are often family-owned businesses or small enterprises deeply rooted in the area. Your purchase helps sustain local jobs and bolster the local economy.

Shopping locally also ensures that you receive unparalleled service after the sale. Local showrooms are invested in your satisfaction long after your purchase, which you may not find with online or big box purchases. Should you have issues or require assistance with installation, maintenance, or future upgrades, the dedicated staff is readily available to lend their expertise and support. What if your fixture arrives from an online vendor damaged? What if, three years after you’ve installed your fixture, a globe gets broken and requires replacement? Mahlander’s staff will happily help you through those issues – no digging through your emails and dealing with online customer support.

lighting showroom interior

Final Thoughts

This personalized and attentive service sets local lighting showrooms apart from larger retailers, instilling confidence in your investment and peace of mind that you are well taken care of throughout your lighting’s lifespan. Combined with a wide variety of up-to-date fixtures on display, personalized assistance with your lighting plan and simply having the benefit of having support making those choices, it’s clear visiting a lighting showroom can make shopping for lighting a more enjoyable experience.

Ready to start a project of your own and create beautiful looks like these? Let us help! Come … see what’s inside.


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