In Style: Midcentury Modern Lighting Designs

Midcentury Modern (MCM) design is back in style in a big way. We’ve seen a lot of throwbacks to the iconic lighting styles that were popular when MCM was first developed. Today’s styles are often adaptations of some of the staples of the movement in decades past.

There are several key players in starring roles when one thinks of MCM fixtures, varying in shape, style and function. Let’s take a look at representations of three of the most recognized:


The MCM Lighting Icons

Sputnik: The Sputnik Chandelier is an iconic fixture that epitomizes the essence of Mid-Century Modern design. Inspired by the space race and the awe-inspiring imagery of the Sputnik satellite, this chandelier features a distinctive starburst shape with multiple arms extending outward. It became a symbol of the era’s fascination with scientific advancements and futuristic aesthetics. With its sleek metal construction and carefully arranged bulbs, the Sputnik chandelier radiates a captivating and celestial charm, instantly becoming the centerpiece of any room. Its timeless appeal continues to captivate design enthusiasts, adding a touch of retro sophistication and a sense of cosmic wonder to contemporary interiors.

Arco: The Arco Floor Lamp is a true hallmark of modern design. Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962, this iconic lamp blends form and functionality with remarkable finesse. Its distinguishing feature is the suspended arch that extends from a Carrara marble base, allowing for adjustable and direct overhead lighting. The Arco Floor Lamp not only provides ample illumination but also serves as a sculptural element in any space. Its sleek and minimalist design has made it a timeless classic, admired for its ability to effortlessly blend into various interior styles. With its combination of elegance and practicality, the Arco Floor Lamp continues to be a symbol of innovative design that stands the test of time.

Recent versions, like the one pictured here, take their inspiration from the original design and are popular in living rooms, dens and countless other spaces.

Nelson: The Nelson Bubble Lamp is an iconic lighting fixture that showcases the innovative vision of renowned designer George Nelson. Originally created in 1952, these unique pendant lamps feature a distinctive shape reminiscent of a soft, floating bubble. Crafted from a durable, lightweight material, the Nelson Bubble Lamp emits a diffused glow that creates a inviting ambiance. The sculptural and organic design of the lamp adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to any interior space. 

With their timeless appeal and captivating presence, Nelson Bubble Lamps continue to illuminate today’s spaces with their simplicity while adding a touch of artistic flair.

Current lighting manufacturers offer a variety of shapes, colors, materials and sizes of bubble fixtures inspired by the MCM originals.

Fabric, perforated metal and natural woven elements (jute, rattan, and similar materials) make up many collections by today’s lighting designers.


Adding MCM Lighting to your Current Décor

Want to add one of these iconic styles to your current space? It’s not difficult, especially with the wide array of finishes and materials available. These designs fit into most any space as a complement other design styles. 

By adding a splash of MCM style, you can achieve a perfect balance between old and new while  adding some vintage personality to your modern home.

Sound overwhelming? We can help! Stop into our Sioux Falls showroom today or book a complimentary lighting consultation for one-on-one, undivided attention.

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