Our Lighting and Appliance Consultants are here to complement your expert efforts in bringing design ideas to fruition.

We’re pleased to offer the following to help your project flow smoothly:

  • Showroom visits
  • Wishlist tool
  • Discounted pricing
  • Charge account privileges
  • Free local delivery
  • Trouble-shooting issues after the sale

Showroom appointments are recommended to assure our undivided attention and enough time to go over all the important details. If you’d rather, feel free to bring your client in to browse our showroom alongside you. 

To help you stay organized, we offer our online Wishlist feature here; simply create an account and keep your lighting ideas for each project at your fingertips.

You know your vision and client’s needs best; we are here to answer technical questions, provide product specs, offer creative solutions for lighting challenges, and help achieve your desired look within budget.

Whatever level of service you require, we’re more than happy to accommodate your needs and lend our detailed expertise to your project.

Mahlander’s … Come, see what’s inside.

OR call 605-336-7798 for a showroom appointment