Bedroom Inspiration


Often more than just a place to lay one’s head, bedrooms deserve every bit as much attention to detail as the shared spaces in one’s home. Lighting layering is key in creating an atmosphere of relaxation, so consider functional needs, mood and your personal flair when making your choices. Dimmable lights afford you the ability to change the feel of your space easily.

General lighting might come from a centrally located fixture such as a flush or semi-flush mount, chandelier, pendant or even a lighted ceiling fan. Task lighting for reading or other activities might include swing-arm wall fixtures, floor lamps or table lamps which complement your decor. Pendants or sconces provide a soft, soothing source of light while adding decorative interest.

Are you looking for a glamorous getaway or romantic boudoir? Or a classy, upscale look brimming with traditional elegance? Perhaps a cool, modern look or an eclectic Bohemian theme suits you best.


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