Commercial Inspiration


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that is especially true with commercial properties. Restaurants, hotels, retail shops, banks, medical practices, fitness centers, churches, and countless other entities welcome thousands of visitors into their spaces. How does lighting and décor help make that ever-important greeting?

Its entrance, foyer, lobby, and common spaces speak volumes about any establishment. The tone, style and mood need to be suitable and convey your taste with impact, quality, and style.

General lighting sets the tone throughout the space. Lighting over work or gathering spaces needs to be up to the task. Accent lighting – like a stunning chandelier or wall sconce – accentuates architectural features and décor.

Offices, waiting areas, workspaces, halls, and landings need to be adequately lit for function, safety, and style. Mahlander’s offers the best – from basic to luxe – for commercial spaces of all kinds.

Make a great impression

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