Laundry Room Inspiration


Often overlooked, the laundry room benefits from great lighting. You want to spot all the stains and be able to read the labels on garments and laundry products, so ample lighting is a must from a utility standpoint. Depending on your ceiling height, flush mount or semi-flush fixtures will provide adequate light for washing, drying, and sorting.

If space allows, the laundry room can be a fun place to add some zip with a fun sconce, a pendant over a sink or even a small chandelier! If space is limited, increase your lighting with under-shelf or under-cabinet lighting, which offer loads of light while taking up almost no valuable workspace.

Since we carry several lines of washers and dryers, you can find high-quality, built-to-last laundry appliances here as well. With Mahlander’s Appliances and Lighting, you can do your laundry in the utmost style!


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