Living Room Inspiration


The living room – a focal point in many homes – can present lighting challenges. Need some living room inspiration? We can help!

 Consider how your space is used.  Instead of being dedicated to one specific task (like cooking, sleeping, dining), the living room is home to a variety of activities on any given day. It’s where we might binge a favorite TV series, relax with a good book, unwind after a long day, entertain friends and family, play a game, or do homework. Since this room is truly multi-use, it is vital to plan the lighting with care and purpose.

Layering is essential in this hub of the home. A combination of ceiling fixtures, including chandeliers, ceiling fans, pendants, semi-flush and flush-mount fixtures, provides general illumination. Task lighting can be achieved with lamps and reading lights while pendants and sconces can do double-duty as both task and ambient lighting.

Creating a comfortable, practical atmosphere which showcases your unique sense of style is easy with hundreds of options from Mahlander’s. Stop in to our lighting showroom for more living room inspiration … we’re happy to assist. 

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