LED Lighting: Several Long-Lasting Benefits

You’re likely familiar with light-emitting diode or LED technology. It’s quite common in light fixtures, streetlights, commercial lighting, and replacement light bulbs. But did you know LED lighting provides several long-lasting benefits, including energy savings, less toll on the environment, and better light quality?

Without getting too scientific, let’s take a quick look at a very basic explanation of LED technology. LED’s work differently and with higher efficacy than traditional lighting. Here’s why: Incandescent bulbs require enough electricity to produce heat. The heat is what makes the bulb’s metal filament glow and give off light. With LED’s, the electrical current passes through a semi-conducting material known as a diode, which glows whenever electricity is passing through it. LED’s generate light without relying on heat to do so.

Effective and Efficient

An incandescent light bulb loses a whopping 98 percent of the energy it uses as heat. In turn, LED bulbs emit very little heat because the bulk of the energy produces light. Less power consumption for the same amount of light means lower energy costs. That’s a win for your wallet. 

Not only do LED bulbs and fixtures use less energy, they are a much “greener” choice. LED’s are more environmentally friendly when compared to incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). When less energy used, this results and fewer used bulbs ending up in the landfill.


Lifetime Lighting

Using LED technology means replacements will be few and far between. LED lights can last about 50 to 100 times as long as an incandescent light bulb. (Yes, really!) The diodes lose their brightness over time as opposed to burning out instantaneously. An LED product labeled “50,000-hour life” would lose 30 percent of its original brightness after about 50K hours of usage. It may take many more years to lose another 30 percent. If it’s only used a few hours a day, and LED light may last more than thirty years!


Size Matters

Another great benefit to LED lighting is that there are fewer restrictions on size. A diode can be as tiny as 2mm (or even less!) Their small size makes it possible to use them in tight places where an ordinary bulb or lighting source won’t fit. This means innovative lighting designers can create truly unique fixtures. It also means we have the opportunity to light places which previously were difficult or impossible to light.

The Future is Bright

LED’s are on track to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs and are rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution for design professionals and residential users. Since LED technology is continually advancing, new ideas are plentiful. Recent developments mean LED’s are brighter and have improved color consistency and superior color rendering than traditional light sources.

Retailers are offering more and more LED bulbs and fixtures. Look for showrooms that are up to date with the latest advancements in lighting technology. Whether you’re replacing bulbs or getting new fixtures, the long-lasting benefits of LED lighting are worth considering.

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