Lighting Your Maximalist Space

Lighting doesn’t just illuminate spaces; it defines them. As seasoned lighting consultants, we know firsthand how lighting choices can dramatically alter the mood and style of a space. This is especially true when it comes to maximalist interiors, where light fixtures are not simply functional elements; they are statement-making stars of the show.

Maximalist Design: All About Abundance

Maximalism shouts (in the most harmonious way possible) extravagance, personality, and complexity. It’s a celebration of excess but in a manner that’s artfully curated, not cluttered. Maximalist spaces are characterized by bold color schemes, intricate patterns, and a mix of textures and materials. Every piece tells a story, contributing to a rich narrative that fills the room.

The maximalist approach also embraces diversity and eclecticism, seamlessly blending elements from distinctive styles, periods, and cultures.

The Maximalist Approach to Lighting

Maximalist Foyer with shaded chandelier
Maximalist Living Room with fun gold chandelier
Maximalist Bedroom wiht Crystal Chandelier
Kalco Max Kitchen

Lighting fixtures in maximalist interiors also reflect eclecticism. Mixing and matching assorted styles of lighting adds to the charm of the space. But in such an environment, where more is more, fixtures are not just sources of light — they are bold statements, pieces of art, and expressions of personality. When it comes to choosing light fixtures for a maximalist space, the key is to look for pieces that add drama, color, texture, and interest to the room.

Maximalist design thrives on the principle of layering, and this applies to lighting as well — ambient, task, and accent lighting work in concert to highlight the room’s many features. Each light source is chosen for its decorative value as much as for the illumination it provides, contributing to the overall spectacle Combining several types of fixtures at different scales and intensities can create a richly illuminated space that’s as functional as it is visually stimulating.

Here are some types of light fixtures that resonate well with the principles of maximalist design:

Chandeliers with Intricate Details: A quintessential emblem of maximalism, chandeliers — especially those with intricate designs, crystals, and ornate detailing — act as the crowning jewel of any room. Whether it’s a classic crystal chandelier that refracts light into a spectrum of colors or a modern interpretation with bold shapes and materials, these fixtures command attention and serve as a focal point.

Oversized Pendant Lights: Maximalism loves to play with scale, and oversized pendant lights fit perfectly into this narrative. Large, bold pendant lights, particularly those with unique materials or unusual shapes, can create a visual anchor in the room, drawing the eye and adding a layer of interest and complexity.

Wall Sconces with Personality: Wall sconces in a maximalist space are far from background elements. Look for sconces with colorful glass, metalwork, or decorative shades that add to the room’s layered look. Sconces can flank a piece of art, highlight a wall of textures, or simply add another dimension of light to the space.

Table and Floor Lamps as Art Pieces: In a maximalist design, every piece has the potential to be a statement, and this includes table and floor lamps. Lamps with sculptural bases, vibrant lampshades, and unexpected materials can serve as additional opportunities to inject personality and style into the room. These fixtures are perfect for adding localized light while contributing to the space’s overall aesthetic.

Artistic and Novelty Lighting: Maximalism embraces the unique, the eclectic, and the whimsical. Light fixtures that double as art pieces or have a novelty element to them can add an unexpected twist to a room. Think of lights with unusual forms, fixtures that tell a story, or pieces that break the norm in terms of design and function.


Colorful and Patterned Shades: Shades with bold patterns, bright colors, or rich textures can transform a simple lamp into a dramatic statement, further enhancing the room’s maximalist vibe.

Lighting is an essential element that contributes to a space’s lavishness and vibrancy. The style, character, and statement they make are as important as the light they provide. Whether it’s through a grand chandelier, an artistic table lamp, or a colorful pendant light, lighting in maximalism is all about adding to the space’s layered, expressive abundance.

Lamp with richly textured shade
Uttermost powder room

Final Thoughts

Maximalist interior design is all about embracing abundance, eclecticism, and individuality. By incorporating statement-making fixtures, incorporating a variety of styles, and layering diverse types of lighting, maximalist interiors come alive with vibrant personalities.

Looking for the perfect lighting, décor, and accessories for your maximalist space? We’d love to help you select just the right touches to make your space hit all the right notes and reflect your unique style. Stop into our Sioux Falls showroom today and visit with one of our lighting experts. We’re happy to help make your spaces truly extraordinary.

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