Often Forgotten Spaces: Light Up your Laundry, Mudroom & Hallways

Planning the lighting design for a renovation, remodel or new construction can be overwhelming. You have so many choices to make (besides lighting!) and there may be a point where you don’t much care what the light fixture looks like, just get it working already! But don’t succumb to fixture fatigue … ALL of the rooms of your home deserve to be well-lighted, and that includes the often forgotten spaces:  laundry & mud rooms, hallways and secondary entries. 


Add Loads of Style to Your Laundry Room

Today’s laundry rooms often serve multiple purposes – alternate entryway, extra storage, drop-off zone, mending, crafts, and ironing – not to mention the actual laundry.  For this busy space, You need a combination of overhead and task lighting to ensure you have plenty of light for each activity. A laundry room is also a place to try something new, fun, and out of your comfort zone design-wise. No need to use the snooze-fest, bowl-like flush mount fixtures seen everywhere. Jazz up this multi-purpose room with a fun semi-flush fixture, pair of wall sconces, ceiling fan, or pendant instead.

Laundry Room Lighting
Laundry Room Lighting

Make Time for Your Mud Room

While you may not spend much time in a mudroom, it deserves some love – particularly in the fall and winter months when things get extra, well – muddy! Light it up with multiple sources of illumination for safety and decorative accents. Here are two terrific spaces for inspiration!


Nothing Second-best for Secondary Entrances

Many homeowners light up their front entrances with extra-special exterior lighting, creating a warm welcome for company. 

But what about the back, side, or sliding doors? Those entrances should be every bit as warm and welcoming to friends and family, don’t you think?

Aesthetics aside, it’s wise to keep all paths, walkways and stairs well-lit for safety’s sake.  You’ll also avoid fumbling for keys in the dark outside your back door. 

Choose outdoor fixtures that  coordinate with your other exterior lighting for a cohesive look while increasing your curb appeal from every angle! 


Hail to the Hallway!

Hallways are another oft-ignored area when it comes to lighting. They often get the leftover budget or the hall fixtures are an afterthought. But lighting your hallway is extremely important, both for safety (you need to see where you’re going!) and style. Front halls are often the first room visitors see. Proper lighting creates a warm welcome. Besides flush mount fixtures, wall sconces, or even a lamp (or two!) on a hallway table can create ambiance. 




Save some planning time to choose great fixtures for every room in your home, even the forgotten ones. And remember, the lighting experts are always happy to assist with your lighting selections, no matter the room.

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