Often Forgotten Spaces: Light Up your Laundry, Mudroom & Hallways

Planning the lighting design for a renovation, remodel or new construction can be overwhelming. You have so many choices to make (besides lighting!) and there may be a point where you don’t much care what the light fixture looks like, just get it working already! But don’t succumb to fixture fatigue … ALL of the rooms of your home deserve to be well-lighted, and that includes the often forgotten spaces: laundry & mud rooms, hallways and secondary entries.

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New Faces: Meet our Newest Lighting Consultants

When visiting our Sioux Falls showroom,  you’ll see some new faces: Mahlander’s welcomes two new Lighting Consultants to our sales team.  Alisha and Kristen have joined the ranks, filling places previously held by recently-retired staff.  “We’re so happy to have Kristen and Alisha in the Mahlander’s family,” says Sales Manager Rosie Kindt. “We appreciate their fresh ideas, energy and cheerful personalities.” Starting within weeks

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Tricks of the Trade: Scale in Lighting Design

Giving any room in your home a quick and easy update can be as simple as changing out a light fixture. It is a great way to infuse your unique style into a space, make a statement or create a dramatic new focal point in a room. But there are some important things to remember, particularly when it comes to scale.

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Five Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners neglect their outdoor light fixtures, but maintaining them is equally important as any other electrical appliance, indoors or out. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to maintain your outdoor lighting. Simply add a few simple tasks to your to-do list every now and then; they’ll go a long way toward ensuring your outdoor lighting lasts.

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LED Lighting: Several Long-Lasting Benefits

You’re likely familiar with light-emitting diode or LED technology; it’s become quite common in light fixtures, streetlights, commercial lighting, and replacement light bulbs. But did you know LED lighting provides several long-lasting benefits, including energy savings, less toll on the environment, and better light quality.

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