Three Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2024

As we launch into 2024, several kitchen trends promise to be game changers, with innovative trends that blend technology, nature, and functionality seamlessly. Given the prominent role that kitchens play in homes, builders and designers are quick to learn about emerging trends to offer homeowners the latest features and updated styles.

As a leading lighting and appliance supplier in the Sioux Empire, we are eager to explore these trends that can redefine your kitchen as a culinary haven and reflect your unique style and values. In this blog, we’ll investigate the cutting-edge trends that are set to transform kitchens into captivating spaces, emphasizing the perfect fusion of smart technology, statement-making, multifunctional islands, and organic design elements.

Smart Kitchens: Form & Function

We’re seeing a bit of a Smart kitchen revolution, where appliances seamlessly integrate into the rhythm of homeowners’ daily lives.

Video Chat Kitchen

While it may seem like you’re in George Jetson’s kitchen as features like video chat, AI-guided recipe function and other Smart integrations, this isn’t a futuristic dream; such features exist. From intuitive cooking experiences to energy-efficient solutions, smart appliances are set to elevate the way you use your kitchen and consumers are all for it! According to Smart appliance data from Statista, predictions show the market for such appliances will reach $87.9 billion by 2027 with 19.1% household penetration. That means one in five households will have at least one Smart appliance!


GE Tech Smart Appliance
Lady with Amazon Speaker

For context, “Smart appliances” includes connected versions of all kinds of household appliances. This includes large appliances (fridges, washing machines, ovens, etc.) as well as small appliances (microwaves, coffee machines, vacuums, etc.), provided they are connected to the internet.

To meet that demand, Smart features are becoming increasingly common. Today’s appliances are equipped with an array of intelligent features that integrate with the modern lifestyle.

Smart ovens and ranges often boast Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to control and monitor their cooking devices remotely through dedicated mobile apps. This functionality empowers users to preheat their ovens, adjust cooking settings, or receive notifications — all from the convenience of their smartphones. For example, with GE’s line of smart appliances, consumers can preheat their ovens and change the oven temperature from anywhere. Imagine what such convenience could do for busy weekday evenings!

Voice control compatibility, such as integration with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, adds an extra layer of convenience.

Beyond remote access, these appliances often incorporate advanced cooking technologies, such as precision temperature control and recipe-guided cooking, ensuring that even amateur chefs can achieve professional-grade results.

Refrigerators have undergone a remarkable transformation as well. Brands like Café, Dacor, GE, LG, and Whirlpool offer refrigerators equipped with cutting-edge Smart capabilities. Like their cooking counterparts, these intelligent fridges also feature Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to control and monitor their refrigerator settings remotely through dedicated mobile apps. From adjusting temperatures to receiving real-time alerts about the status of perishables, users can stay connected to their fridges no matter where they are.

Voice command integration with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allows for a hands-free experience here as well. Some models even incorporate internal cameras, letting users peek inside their fridge via a mobile app to check inventory levels while at the grocery store. With innovations like these, smart refrigerators have become more than just cooling devices; they are intuitive, connected hubs that enhance convenience and efficiency in our daily lives.

Besides convenient features, Smart kitchen appliances promote energy efficiency and sustainable practices. These appliances are designed to optimize energy consumption by incorporating sensors and algorithms that adapt to usage patterns. For instance, smart refrigerators can adjust their cooling levels based on the contents inside, minimizing energy waste. Smart ovens often feature precise temperature control and cooking algorithms, ensuring efficient energy utilization during meal preparation.

Also, with remote monitoring and control capabilities, users can power down or adjust settings when not in use, further reducing energy consumption. The integration of smart technology in kitchen appliances aligns with sustainable practices since they promote resource conservation, reduced energy waste, and overall environmental responsibility. They’re a key component of eco-friendly living.

The increasing popularity of Smart appliances reflects a trend that resonates with the needs of busy families. These appliance features not only streamline daily tasks but also add a layer of convenience that is particularly beneficial for families on the go. From remotely managing cooking settings to monitoring refrigerator contents while at the store, these innovations empower families with the flexibility to optimize their kitchen routines, saving time and ensuring a more efficient and connected household experience. As the demand for seamless and intuitive solutions continues to rise, Smart appliances will be viewed as indispensable for modern families looking for balance between technology and the demands of a bustling lifestyle.

Gorgeous Crysto Kitchen Atlas with Huge Island
Hathaway_Saturn_3224an_1905ss_Model (2)
stunning high end GE suite

Statement Islands: More Than Meets the Eye

The kitchen island has become the undisputed centerpiece of many modern kitchens, evolving into a multifunctional space that goes beyond meal prep and integrates various functionalities like specialized storage, incorporating cooking or refrigeration, or dining space. Homeowners and designers alike are embracing the idea that an expansive kitchen island can serve as a dynamic centerpiece, transforming the entire kitchen aesthetic.

Over the last few years and definitely for 2024, it seems bigger is better! Architectural Digest ranks larger islands as one of the nine kitchen trends of 2022 that will continue into 2024.

And today’s islands aren’t just larger but feature unique shapes and configurations. Basic squares and rectangles are now being replaced with curved islands or islands that incorporate dining tables. These fluid shapes bring a softer, less angular appearance to the kitchen and create a multi-functional, family space that’s still in the middle of where the action is.

Builders are also seeing more T-shaped islands, which allow for extra dining or workspace and provide an unexpected pop of style. It can be a practical way to maximize space and

In larger kitchens, double islands are becoming a common feature. Designers say homeowners are craving extra workspace and storage space, and double islands are one way to get both of those features in the kitchen. Often, one island is a workspace, and the other island is dedicated to guests who are socializing or eating.

Lighting that island is another way to incorporate some of the trends we’re seeing for 2024.  Read on! 

Organic Elements: Bringing Nature Indoors

Another trend that extends into 2024 is incorporating organic elements into your home;  specifically, into the kitchen. Natural materials, earthy tones, and the refreshing presence of greenery help create an environment that connects you with the outdoors. Natural light and adjacent outdoor spaces help create this vibe, but you can also add a touch of nature with plants or other greenery. You can also add that natural component with lighting – chandeliers, pendants, and sconces.

Light fixtures made from organic elements are a captivating trend, particularly in today’s kitchen designs. The use of materials like wood, jute, rattan, and other natural elements adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to modern kitchens, creating a beautiful blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Wooden light fixtures, with their timeless appeal, bring a sense of natural elegance to kitchen spaces. Whether it’s a pendant light crafted from reclaimed wood or a chandelier featuring wooden accents, these fixtures bring a rustic charm to the space.

Jute and rattan, renowned for their durability and earthy textures, are increasingly finding their way into contemporary kitchen lighting. Pendant lights made from these materials introduce a subtle coastal or Bohemian vibe, offering a refreshing departure from more traditional metallic fixtures.

Even a metal design featuring a nature-inspired motif – leaves, branches, florals, etc. – can help warm up a space.

Connecting the kitchen with nature aligns with the principles of biophilic design, fostering a sense of well-being and tranquility within the space. Imagine enjoying a morning cup of coffee bathed in the gentle glow of a rattan pendant light … ah! That soothing atmosphere sets the tone for the day.

If you want to create more inviting and environmentally conscious living spaces, using light fixtures made from organic elements is an ideal choice. These fixtures not only elevate the overall aesthetic of the kitchen but also contribute to a sustainable and nature-inspired ambiance that resonates with the desire for a more mindful and connected home.

modern kitchen with natural materials lighting pendants
fr30815txp_agave_app_1 (1)
high end kitchen with boho style pendants above island
Wooden pendants over large kitchen island

Final Thoughts

Industry experts expect to see more integration of smart appliances, voice control systems, and connected devices in kitchen renovations as well as new construction. Day-to-day life would certainly be more convenient with Smart refrigerators, automated lighting systems (Yes, that’s another evolving trend!), and voice-activated assistants. Controlling your appliances with voice commands or keeping track of your grocery list using your refrigerator’s features would undoubtedly save time and frustration, freeing you up for the less mundane aspects of family life.

Looking forward to a kitchen re-do in 2024? The team at Mahlander’s Lighting and Appliances is ready to help ensure your kitchen project results in a future-ready, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally efficient space. Ready to transform your kitchen into a captivating masterpiece that stands at the forefront of design innovation? We’d love to help! Stop into our Sioux Falls showroom today and visit with one of our seasoned lighting or appliance experts. We’ll be happy to get your project cooking with the just-right ingredients that will reflect your taste, lifestyle, and budget.

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