Three Reasons to Amp Up Your Exterior Lighting

There are so many decisions involved in new construction or remodeling, that outdoor fixtures are often an afterthought. But exterior lighting is important; here are three reasons why.  

Curb Appeal

We’ve heard it many times: You only get one chance to make a first impression. Did you know it applies to houses as well as people? It’s true! Homes with welcoming entries, manicured landscaping, tidy yards, and beautiful features have more “wow” power than their unkempt counterparts. 

But, does it really matter that much? According to the experts, it does.  


Researchers at the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington used deep learning and Google Street View to see how much curb appeal contributes to home value. The findings of the 2019 study were published in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics and mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Their conclusion? The attractiveness of a home can increase its value by seven percent or more.  


Extend Your Living Space

Outdoor spaces can be a wonderful extension of your home because they give your more room to do the things you love. According to Realtor magazine, creating an outdoor room is a recent trend in home ownership. Outdoor living spaces have evolved from a picnic table and grill to a multi-functional space. Today, they include areas for food prep and cooking as well as dining and lounging.

Patios, screened porches, and yards are a wonderful place to congregate, relax or play. By adding exterior lighting to those spaces, you can make those areas usable for longer periods of time each day.

Feel like dining al fresco on the patio or reading on the porch after dark? Does your bean bag tournament extend well into the evening? With the right outdoor lighting, such outdoor fun possible.

Depending on the climate where you live, a ceiling fan may increase your patio or porch’s usable season. Movable lanterns give you versatility, enabling you to take the light directly to the spot where you will be relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Stay Safe 

For safety’s sake, outdoor lighting is a must. Entrances, stairs, stoops, and paths need to be well-lit in order to prevent slips, falls and missteps that could cause injury. Seeing hazards or other potentially dangerous situations, and being able to avoid them, is essential. 


Tip: Be sure your house number is adequately lit and visible. Because your home is easy to find, your guests, first responders and the pizza delivery guy will thank you!

Not only does outdoor lighting increase a sense of security for homeowners, it plays a role in crime prevention. Therefore, folks who do not belong in your yard or on our property will often steer clear of well-lit areas, giving them less opportunity for mischief. The same lighting that welcomes friends and family can help dissuade unwanted visitors from seeking out your property.  

Is it time for a front porch makeover, backyard update or a new building project? If so, be sure to consider the exterior or outdoor lighting fixtures as you plan. Due to their expertise, your local lighting showroom can be a wealth of information as you select wall-mounted, pole-mounted, landscape or ceiling lights to make your outdoor spaces leave a lasting (and pleasant!) first impression. 





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