Warm Welcome: Spruce Up Your Foyer

Grand or demure, your foyer is the first place visitors see upon entering the front door. And it’s like a blank canvas where you can set the scene – and the tone – for your home.  What type of impression is your entryway making? If it’s not creating the welcoming scene you’d like, now is the time to spruce up your foyer.

Size & Scale

Decorating a two-story foyer with soaring ceilings and a grand staircase is much different than a single-story, smaller space. But both can be striking and make a stellar statement. Choose fixtures that suit the space in size, scale and style.

When choosing a chandelier or pendant for your foyer, consider these details:

  • The total area of your foyer space
  • Color schemes
  • Ceiling height
  • Amount of illumination you’ll need
  • How much natural light floods the space

In a smaller space, you may want to use a fixture that directs light upwards. Light washing the ceiling or upper walls with light will make your space seem larger while adding a warm glow. Smaller foyers also demand a suitable scale, so a more streamlined pendant or chandelier would be a great choice. 

For a larger space, a grander or even oversized fixture can help set the tone, provide balance and shed enough light on a large room.

The distance between the floor and ceiling will help you determine the perfect place to hang your fixture. You may want to hang it so it’s visible from outside. Whatever the size of your space, be sure to hang light fixtures at least seven or eight feet from the floor.

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Set the Mood

Your foyer is the transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. Clean and minimal, luxurious, or bright and airy, a foyer is where guests begin to feel comfortable in your space. It’s nice to ease guests into the style – the look and feel – of your home. For a contemporary home, use modern entryway lighting to tie the look together. (Pendants are great for this since they look great but don’t steal the show.) If your digs are more traditional, opt for more traditional lighting, like a chandelier and wall sconces. Sconces are a terrific way to draw guests in with warm light washing over the walls.


Foyer Furnishings

The foyer is also the perfect place to show off your unique style. Something a little unexpected can let visitors know you have a distinct flair. A pop of color, a fun family photo or intriguing artwork can be great conversation pieces and set your home apart. Consider using light to accentuate a focal point or architectural feature. Shine a spotlight on a special canvas or sculpture. Or you can let your light fixture be the focal point by installing a dramatic, showstopper chandelier. Mirrors are a multi-functional additon to the entry way: they adorn the walls, reflect light (which can make the room feel larger and add depth to the space) and they’re great for making sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth and your hair’s in place before you answer the door. (And your guests can use it, too!)


Even a small entryway or foyer can make a warm, welcoming impression. Choose a light fixture that’s smaller in scale, a petite console or table and light, bright colors. Whatever your style, the foyer is a great place to make a statement with your unique flair.

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